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How to Read a Kit Number?

~ Please copy and paste the item name and kit # to contact form like the picture!~

White ~ Color of Item in Kit

Polyester Tablecloth  ~ Item Name:  ( Include when you copy and paste to form)


Size:   ~Size of Item in Kit

Rectangular 90" x 132" 

( Floor Length)  

KIT#:     ~ Kit Numbers

$5 KIT# PTRE1321-S:2     ~ S means Small size $5 and has 2 items in the Kit!

$10 KIT# PTRE1321-M:4   ~ M means Medium size $10 and has 4 items in the Kit!

$20 KIT# PTRE1321-L:8     ~ L means Large size $20 and has 8 items in the Kit!


$20 KIT# BELDELUXPOLY01-L:D  ~ If there is no item quantity number at the end of a kit, means it's a MIX of items, a COMBO or a DELUXE Kit!


Equip# B3535PIPE5   ~ If there is no kit number in the line or a kit size S, M or L then check if it says equipment #. (Copy and Paste)

Rental Price: $25 

Let me know if there is something on this website that needs to be

included here for you to understand it better?

What our clients are saying

Taya is very easy to work with! She goes above and beyond to make sure her customers are happy and satisfied! When planning any large scale of an event, it's extremely stressful but Taya knows how to calm any bride down and say the right things at the right time. She cares about each individual and prioritizes her time to make sure everything runs smoothly. She's extremely resourceful and knows who to direct you to when looking for additional services in planning an event. She is passionate and highly experienced in event and wedding planning and designing!

Irina Shaporda ~ Bride

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