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Our Policy

~ If you have any other questions please contact us!~


If the kit or bundles that you request are not available, then its either rented out and booked for that weekend. We can offer you similar kits and bundles that are available.


Short Notice:

We need up to 2 weeks' notice for most kits, but we have a lot in stock in case you have a short notice event!


We Accept: 

Online payment for Cards, Venmo and Cash.  


Refundable Deposit up to 30 days Before Event: 

50% deposit is required to be put down to reserve a kit bundle or decor kits. Your 50% deposit is only refundable up to 60 days before your event. If you cancel anytime or make changes after 60 days before your event, then we will refund your deposit back. If you make changes anytime in the 60 days before your event, the 50% nonrefundable deposit will apply first and then anything after that will be refunded to you. Final payment is due 3 weeks before picking up and or drop off. If your event was canceled up to 3 weeks ( 21 days)  before event, there will be no refunds available to you even if you paid your balance in full.


Cancellations / Refunds:

We need up to 4 weeks to refund your payment if your event has been cancelled. Deposit is refundable up to 60 days before event. You can cancel your event up to 60 days to your wedding to get the deposit back. If your event is 60 days or less canceled, you will not get the deposit back. If you paid more than the deposit, then we will need 4 weeks to send you a refund back. You may reschedule your event to another day or year or use as credit. If your event was canceled up to 21 days before event, there will be no refunds available to you even if you paid your balance in full. 


Late Charge Fee: 

There will be a $30 Late Charge Fee when final payment isn't paid on time. 


Candle WAX on Linen Charge:

We strongly recommend using a plate or something under your candles. Candle wax is damaging to the cloth and will make holes and stains that don't come off. You will be charged $10 a cloth for every cloth that has WAX on it. We rent out LED candles that look exactly like real candles. 


Certificates or Site Credit:

Please provide your certificate number with your quote request. 


Whatcom County Schools: 

Being a PTA Vice President a few years ago, I understand how raising money for your school is very important and I want to help you anyway I can.  Certain kits are available for FREE to borrow for events such as Prom or Holiday Bazaars. PTA members can contact us to reserve them. If they are available on that weekend, you are more than welcome to borrow certain available kits for school events. 

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