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Bellingham Showroom Location:


Fairhaven Location: 

South Bay Suites

1140 10th St Suite # 215

Bellingham, WA 98225



Cell: (360) 296-2542

~ Call to schedule a 20-minute viewing~

Phone Meeting?


Phone Meeting:

If you need help putting together how many kits you would need for your event, I can help you with that. We can schedule a time and we can have a phone meeting and go over the website. At this time, we can book the kits you need for your upcoming event.

 Cell: (360) 296-2542


This is not a design meeting so I won't be able to help you design your event, but I can help you understand the website and the kits better and also help you put the order in. 

Walk- in Warehouse:

We are working on to open a walk-in Event Decor Kit Rental warehouse here in Bellingham. This warehouse will be available for everyone to come in and view anytime. Due to the pandemic, it is taking us longer to get it up and running. We are hoping to open it in 2024 or 2025. As of right now, we have a showroom in Fairhaven for viewing, we can deliver and pick up from your location, or you can come pick up and drop off at the address we will provide! 

What our clients are saying

Taya is very talented at what she does. She did a birthday party for us and she decorated the place beautifully. We were blown away by how amazing everything looked. I highly recommend her.

Irina Galle ~ Client

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